Black Friday & Dutch Server Hosting

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  I purchased servers in the Netherlands and France on this day and used them to build the website.


-Black Friday

  Black Friday was first created in 2005 by in the US. It is believed to be a shopping holiday for the same reason that 11/11 was originally hyped by e-commerce. It is also known as Cyber Monday, which originated in France, Portugal and Germany.

  One of the more common beliefs about the origin of the name Black Friday is that it is the first day of business after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November). It is also the day when people usually start their Christmas shopping and many shops are flooded with customers, resulting in large amounts of money being taken in. Traditionally, businesses use different colours of ink to keep track of their accounts: red for a loss, i.e. a deficit, and black for a profit.

  Businesses call this Friday Black Friday in anticipation of the day when annual revenue turns from negative to positive, from red to black. Shop staff use the name Black Friday to make fun of themselves and to indicate that the day will be very busy. Black Friday is usually a big buying spree, with sales being the second or third highest of the year, while the highest sales of the year are usually the Saturday before or on Christmas Eve.

- What I did on this day

  When I think about it, I only have one server in mainland China and one machine in Hong Kong.However they are not adequate for my daily use. The reason is simple, the network quality in mainland China is not very good and the bandwidth is not high enough, so I need a server with a higher bandwidth located abroad!

  However, I'm not a big fan of the US server room, nor the Los Angeles server. The large number of cheap users caused congestion on the line, resulting in delayed access in Asia.

  I do prefer servers in European countries, not only because I live here, but also because European servers have more bandwidth, are freer to use and maintain better network redundancy.However, this does not mean that they are perfect, as there are no optimised lines for China, which can lead to fast and slow internet access in mainland China.

  I first bought a dedicated server from ovh in France, but ovh seemed to have a very cumbersome process, so I unsubscribed from it.Further for various reasons, I even gave up on this company.So I found LiteServer B.V, a Dutch server hosting provider that I had worked with.However, I would not recommend this merchant to mainland China users as it is too slow for mainland China's network rates.

  I purchased the mega storage plan so I have a 2TB server hard drive so I can store more of my photography as well as videos I've shot around the world.At the moment this website and some of my charity projects are operating on this server.However, it is not resistant to any attack and I hope it will remain stable.

- Write at the end

  Right now, I have a server in Dronten, the Netherlands, a server in Zhengzhou, China, and a server in Los Angeles (disaster recovery backup). I think this must be what it all looks like now and in the future.

  I will not buy another server as the current one is sufficient for me, and if my service in mainland China is cancelled by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (which, of course, is very likely), then this Dutch server will be the one I use continuously, even though it has a pathetic bandwidth of 100M (exclusive bandwidth).

  I'm also eager to hear your Black Friday shopping stories, so please leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. 大佬,请问现在服务器有没有性价比高的,100左右一年的那种的轻量就行我之前阿里云新用户49块买了一年2核2G4M的但是现在要续费一个月都要90块,我备案是给阿里云备的,用其他服务器商的好像还会备案拦截

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  2. 那么你现在的博客是在哪里呢?

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  3. 感觉你在服务器的路上一直买买买。

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  4. Edge自动翻译,我还以为首页标题是英文,文章内容是中文

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  5. lu zhu de cai hua ji duo heng yi that I can not express it in english fortunately we have pinyin(which somehow only has the different order with the prefer ones) in the hands
    PS:wo jiu zhu le fan yi zhu shou

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      I'm not really good at pinyin, but I can use the code to enter Chinese characters.